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A Love Story in Ten Seconds

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A Love Story in Ten Seconds

Ten seconds to impact. I knew it was a bad idea. I had known it was a bad idea forever. Not only had I never wanted this, I had been adamantly against it for as long as I could remember. And yet, here it was, sailing toward me, unstoppable.


Nine. My mind raced back through every movie I’d ever seen. Sure, some seemed to think that this would be cute – that it would bring years full of smiles and happiness and laughter and sunshine. But I was not convinced. Too many told me otherwise. What about the betrayal, the fighting, the destruction, the pain, and even the death that others had faced throughout this journey? Would no one open his eyes to common sense and reverse this horrendous decision?


Eight. Reason after reason to refuse this ill-thought-through relationship pounded at the backside of my lips. Just think of the incredible amount of time it would require! It would take up space physically, and it would take up space in my life. It begged a considerable emotional investment, and there was a good chance this entire story would come to an unfortunate end. So many reasons to end this before it began piled up on my tongue that their desperate roar drowned out every memory I had of how to open my mouth.


Seven. Words failing me, I tried to run away, but found my feet frozen firmly to the dingy, once-white carpet sprawled below them. Realizing I couldn’t flee the disaster approaching, I moved to raise my arms to warn it away. Huge mistake – it took this as an invitation. My countdown sped up.


Six. There was no escaping the encounter. It flew toward my chest, demanding my love. The last thing to receive this gift had perished.


Five. He was close enough now that I could clearly see his eyes. The big, rich, brown pools seemed warm. But I was not fooled. I knew that hurt and fear and sadness circled below the surface of each of those delightful chocolate puddles, just waiting for me to fall in.


Four. Desperate to protect myself from the inevitable, I tried to focus on anything else. Despite myriad available distractions, I was unsuccessful.


Three. Did nobody else understand that I was about to be forcibly handed a life sentence? I shuddered at the thought of having to spend a small eternity being smothered by the unwanted affections of this creature – or else establish an impenetrable fortress in my bedroom.


Two. He was close enough to my body that I could feel the warmth of his. I heard him breathing.


One. He was in my arms. He wasn’t as squirmy as I’d expected him to be. He was fluffier than he looked, though. He craned his neck around and licked my cheek. My reservations melted away like butter on the sun. How could this be happening? I’d been terrified of dogs just a moment ago. He was the first puppy I’d ever held, and I knew that I would never let him go.

Teddy, the first puppy I ever held (and one of my two dogs)!

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