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This is the story of a raincloud.  I first dreamed her up on a patio I shared with my family and like-family friends the summer before I left for college.  Like many of us, she finds herself a little different from the crowd.  But, like...

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A long time ago, in a faraway land, Lived hundreds of dragons, majestic and grand. Their eyes – how they glistened!  Their scales – how they shone! They had hordes of treasure they claimed as their own. Their claws were like swords!  Their wings lifted them higher! But what the dragons prized...

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On a cold, quiet night speckled white by the snow, As the moon became bright and the sun slipped below The horizon and inky blue darkened the skies, Ella yawned softly and opened her eyes.   Happy but hungry, she thought it’d be right To find something tasty to start off...

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The Forgotten Dancer

She doesn’t remember exactly when they stuck her on that first tiny stage. But she remembers when she used to dance across infinity. She waltzed across tightropes that went on forever. She leapt and spun and twirled across vast, white wonderlands she thought would never end. Sometimes, she danced...

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Bear Hug

How do you even think it’s fair To name a hug after a bear?! Have you ever thought it through – What happens when a bear hugs you? Your face gets filled with greasy hair! The wiry, dirty hair of bear! And, as you move to snuggle in, Bear claws go ripping...

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