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Bear Hug

Bear Hug

How do you even think it’s fair

To name a hug after a bear?!

Have you ever thought it through –

What happens when a bear hugs you?

Your face gets filled with greasy hair!

The wiry, dirty hair of bear!

And, as you move to snuggle in,

Bear claws go ripping through your skin!

Plus, I’ll bet that bear breath is bad.

It must smell like the fish bear had

For lunch or dinner yesterday!

So, once again, I’ve got to say,

What did possess you to declare

The name of your hugs to be “bear”?

I think a much more fitting name

Would come from one who got his fame

By hugging creatures great and small –

Who offered a tight squeeze to all.

A fellow with no wiry hair

And no sharp claws, as has the bear.

I think it has a certain ring –

A python hug. Yes! That’s the thing.

Love Bear Hug? Check it out in video form here:

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