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Chocolate Dogs

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Chocolate Dogs

Slap! Against the window pane –

Plunk plunk plunk – it sounds like rain.

I look out, and there I see

A muddy, chocolate-brown doggie!

I see another puppy, blonde.

She dives into a muddy pond.

And, now, soaking through and through,

She emerges chocolate too!

I hear a hiss, and now I see

Just how this puddle came to be:

The muddy pond and rain I saw

Were made by sprinkler cloaked in paw!

I hear a bark! I hear a plop!

Back the dogs go to their puddle of slop!

They’re splashing around in a funny dog jig!

One hops around, and one rolls like a pig!

Now I hear voices. “Where are the… NO!!!”

Chocolate dogs scatter. “Where did they go?!”

I hear laughter! I hear scolding.

Puppy wrestling. Puppy holding.

They wriggle away, and they leap like big frogs

Back into their puddle, my chocolate dogs.

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