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The Forgotten Dancer

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The Forgotten Dancer

She doesn’t remember exactly when they stuck her on that first tiny stage.

But she remembers when she used to dance across infinity.

She waltzed across tightropes that went on forever.

She leapt and spun and twirled across vast, white wonderlands she thought would never end.

Sometimes, she danced across nothing at all.

At first, her steps were shaky.

Wiggling and wobbling, she stumbled through countless performances.

Sometimes, she danced the tango when she meant to do ballet.

Most times, she tripped and fell over her own feet.

But, over time, she learned to move with purpose and precision.

And, one day, she found herself sailing. Soaring. Dancing.

She treasured each loop. Each twist. Each twirl!

Each dance told a story. Taught a lesson. Spoke a truth.

Until, one day, there was no white wonderland.

There was no tightrope, either.

There were only tiny stages.

Not big enough for leaps and jumps and loops and twists and twirls.

Only big enough for her to stand there and spin.

So, on each stage, she spun, never getting anywhere.

Never telling any stories. Never teaching any lessons. Never speaking any truths.

Just spinning in place.

Maybe she is still there.


Hoping that, when she stops, she’ll remember how to dance.

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