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The Summertime Parade

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The Summertime Parade

The sparkles in the pavement lit up like tiny stars –

Or maybe gems in sunbaked sands in some strange land on Mars.

A stretch of grass sprawled out above – inviting, fragrant, green.

It seemed to whisper wondrous tales of worlds as yet unseen.

From behind drifted summer’s scents – those strange but playful smells.

And shouts and laughter rang and pealed like lovely golden bells.

And through it all a strip of cream stretched out taut as a drum –

Strong, firm, but rather poke-able – much like old chewing gum.

This stripe of bizarre substance, although mundane to most,

Was really rather magical; it had a show to boast!

As sunshine shone, popsicles dripped, and folks drank lemonade,

This mighty strip premiered its gift: a summertime parade!

Performers marched in armor shining brightly in the light!

They marched this way and that way – up and down and left and right!

Their patterns were astounding, chaotic though they seemed,

And each time they reformed their lines, I cheered for them and dreamed

That someday I might join them marching in the summer sun.

To be a part of their parade – it would be so much fun!

Darting, weaving to and fro in their amazing dance –

I spent unending summer days in awe of summer’s ants.

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